Bring me back to music

1. Ht Bristol, Vincent Steele, Nine One One & Charlie Bannister - Bring Me Back To Life   2. Mari Ferrari - Maria, Maria (feat. Miss Mary)  


She’s Like The Wind. Music for a long journey.

1. Giraffe Squad - Wait For Me 2.Lost Frequencies ft. Sandro Cavazza - Beautiful Life   3. Meiko - Leave The Lights On   4. МАЧЕТЕ - Нежность   5. Грибы - Тает Лёд   6. MONATIK - Кружит     7. Robert Cristian - Sometimes   8. Anton... Continue Reading →

6 Things to Do on Sunday To Prepare Yourself for the Week

I’m fascinated by this article. Read it for you!

Life With Kim

In the past, I would stay up late on Sunday nights, binging on my favorite Netflix series. Doing this left me feeling groggy and annoyed Monday morning, as I scrambled to get myself ready for the day.

After having enough of this routine, I brainstormed some things to do Sunday night that would help prepare me for the week. In this post, I’ve included 6 things to do Sunday night that will make Monday mornings and the rest of the week easier.



Look at your calendar to see what needs to get done for the week and make sure appointments, meetings, and other activities are not overlapping. If you’re traveling, see if you can check-in online to save yourself some time at the airport.

Don’t forget to schedule some time to unwind and have fun. While my days are usually filled, I make a point to plan some activities…

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Bridal Veil or Hair Accessories/Voalul miresei sau accesorii de păr?

en I think that the most important event in a girl's life is her wedding day. I think since our childhood, we dreamed to be princess or bride, because of her beauty. A bride for me, especially when I was a child, meant beauty. At present, I think the same way, not only because the bride and her groom... Continue Reading →

Music change heart!

Best music from meditation, dreaming. Enjoy your day Teeza – Berlin 2. PETIT BISCUIT - Sunset Lover 3.  Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight 4. Tinush - Struggle (feat Aretha Franklin) 5. Savages - You're My Chocolate  

Happiness from simple things

Where does my smile come from? From EVERYTHING! My happiness is from..... my love, my family, the outcome of my work, success and failure, friends, the happiness of the people I love, people who are sincere and benevolent, travel, peace in this world, from EVERYTHING!!! Learn to be happy for every moment of your life! Life passes... Continue Reading →

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